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Referrals to Letting-Go LLC are made directly from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Hospitals, and Mental Health Agencies

We also accept: In-patient Programs, County Drug & Alcohol Agencies, Employee Assistance Programs, Social Service Agencies, School-Programs, Physicians, Clergy and Self-Referred

Unique and Highly Specialized Services

Indivudual and Group Sessions

We provide services that goes beyond Surving and into Thriving available for groups and individuals.

Family Sessions

Sessions are also available for families so you can rebuild, together.

Completely Custom

When it comes to therapy One Sized Doesn't fit all. With us you can build a plan customized to fit your needs.

Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

Our specialists are trained and experienced in working with Young Adults and Adolescents


Most programs ignore the factors that play heavily into addiction, and economic security is a prominate one. We train and equip our clients to be providers who can stand confidently

Co-occurring [Dual] Diagnosis

Sometimes, there are more than one factor affecting addiction, yet some providers will only treat one at a time. We provide Co-Occuring Diagnosis and Treatment, which means you can be treated for more than one factor simultaneously


We Offer Only The Best


These are facts about what we do and how we help you get back to healthy living and socializing. You can integrate back into society.

Our Carefully Created Services can be Standalone OR Group Session, and our serivces like Anger Managment, De-Escalation, or Entrepreneurial Training do not require a drug addiction

Follow-Up Services

  • So your progress stays in One Direction

Bi-lingual Support Staff

  • Spanish speakers available request

Totally Confidential

  • Services can be requested and rendered descreately. Your privacy matters.

Drug & Alcohol Ed.

Part of recovering is understanding. Learn the Short and Long term affects of substances and what they do to your body


Learn about the causes and triggers that can lead to relapse so we can keep moving forward


Included as a part of service or offered as a standalone, Anger Management counseling can also be done for Groups, Family's, and Individuals

Life Skills

Become a more committed employee or employer, a better parent, and a well-adjusted citizen

We've Checked Off Your List

Assessments (or evaluation)

Take an application and evaluate the level of service care (2 or 3 times a week, based on persons availability)
during 6-month period


We structure an outpatient service plan, but the client gets to determine what they want to work on. Our program values are Trust, Loyalty, Commitment - learn to Trust the process, build Loyal to self, and encourage Commitment to growth


During various checkpoints, a client will be reviewed to make sure we're hitting the goal-markers we need to

3-month and 6 month markers


After the final review, a Certificate of completion will be earned after 6 month period


Monthly reviews made up of weekly check-ins

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